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Aloe Vera Plant UK – Live Potted Houseplant

009 - 01 aloe vera live potted indoor plantA product by Gardener’s Dream.

A pot of Aloe Vera plant with pot size 11cm and the plant height approximately 25cm.

Well recognized as a beautiful plant with many uses to it, not only does it make it as beautiful plant for your home decoration, but also has many healing qualities.

Relatively a small – medium size plant. Suited to be placed almost at any space at your place: bedrooms, offices, tables and anywhere else in your home or work place.

Q: How To Look After Aloe Vera Plant?

One of a houseplant that is easy to care and requires no pruning.

Quite resistant to many kinds of insect pests.

Consider a space with good exposure to sun light and a container with good soil drainage is ideal for Aloe Vera. Wait for the soil to dry in between watering, which can be once every few days or a week.

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