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Artificial Christmas Tree Premium Flame Resistant

Artificial Christmas Tree Premium Flame Resistant

Perfectly suited at home or at the office or as decoration in shop windows

This lovely imitation of fir has a safe and stable stand. With its bold green colour and the light covering of snow looks deceptively real.

Enjoy your holidays with this magnificent fir and bring that Christmas feeling to your home. Very suitable for apartment or condo residents.

The convenience is also appealing as this tree saves you from a lot of troubles. Once standing and decorated, it doesn’t need watering, doesn’t leave pine needles all over the floor. And if you ordered one of these by online, transportation to home isn’t an issue.

Please spread out all hinged branches to get a full appearance.

This Christmas tree has height of 180cm/ 1.80m/ 70 Inches/ 6 Feet. It’s a very environmentally-friendly and economical tree. It also can fit into almost any room size and fit into the interior. Because of it’s fire resistance quality, it is very safe and can be used indoors with no concerns.

Artificial Christmas Tree Premium Flame Resistant

Our artificial trees comes with a huge number of points. The branches of the tree with their 705 tips look very natural and also bushy.

A realistic imitation of a real fir, meant to perfectly create a festive atmosphere.

It is made from the highest selective quality materials. It can be used for years because of its high durability quality. A cost savings option for your holiday. You can use the tree again year after year. This type of product will work out cheaper in the long run. Also easy to pack away so you can simply use it again next Christmas and the next.

This is very easy to set up due to its practical plug system. Once the fir is positioned, it looks evenly symmetrical. This lovely artificial Christmas tree meant to bring tradition and class to the season decoration.

The symmetry and balance factors of an artificial tree makes hanging decorations a lot easier.

Make it be truly beautiful and dramatic lighted Christmas trees when you finish decorating. You can even get your hands on a tree fitted with lights. Adding lights is always one of the hardest task when decorating, especially if you are working in a relatively confined space.

It is saver wrapping electric lights around our flame resistant tree. Also safer for your decorations ornaments, as this tree imitations don’t have dried or broken branches. You will not find your decorations falling because of broken tips or branches.

Premium Flame ResistantMake a statement with your choice of tree, have it ordered online at and delivered to your door

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– Christmas tree
– Stand

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