Artificial Indoor Plants

Artificial Indoor Plants Silk Foliage Large Boston Fern

By GT Decorations

74 cm Silk Foliage Boston Fern

Silk Foliage Large Boston Fern Artificial Indoor PlantsLooking for beautiful artificial indoor plant to bring freshness to your home or office decor?

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This Artificial Silk Foliage Boston Fern will add some fresh greenery to your home or office. It gives an attractive touch to your indoor atmosphere, no matter where you place it. It is simple doesn’t require much maintenance and will not wither. Soft dry cloth is enough to keep it clean and to shine all the time. It will provide a long lasting benefit to your home interior.

Some cases we don’t get enough light into our homes, and many real plants don’t thrive very well to the condition. They also need regular maintenance, such as watering, pruning, and also pest control.

Artificial indoor plants provide solution to these problems, as the only thing they might require is a simple but careful light dusting. Artificial plants for home decor are well suited for families who want to enjoy a pleasant spot of green in their home decor.

Artificial Indoor Plants Silk Foliage Large Boston Fern By GT Decorations: Silk Foliage Large Boston Fern

  • Wired fern fronds allow you to shape the fern as required. This fern is delivered as a fully assembled plant. Just open it up and arrange the fronds.
  • Detailed gradiated colouring. The leaves/fronds are dyed with a gradient, creating a more realistic display.
  • Fronds can be rotated for a directional display. All fronds have a wired central spine, allowing you to adjust their angle, curvature, or even make them curl.
  • 74cm approximate diameter when fully opened up.
  • A single stem to make potting easy. The single stem, fully assembled design allows you to plant this artificial fern anywhere: In foam, in soil, gravel or cement. Whatever your application, there’s no assembly involved.
  • Synthetic fabric offers superior durability and improved shape/colour retention compared to real silk and other natural fibres.

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