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Artificial Pansy Silk Ball Hanging Basket

Artificial Pansy Silk Ball Hanging Basket

By JustArtificial

  • Category: Hanging Baskets
  • Colour: Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Blue
  • Material: Silk
  • More Options: Outdoor and Exterior
  • Fast Dispatch When Bought From JUST ARTIFICIAL LTD

Artificial Pansy Silk Ball Hanging Basket

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This beautiful artificial pansies silk basket is part of the Pansy Ball range, which contains sets of single colours, twin colours and multi-coloured Pansy Ball Hanging Baskets.

Artificial Pansy Silk Hanging BasketIt is suitable for outdoor use

The multi-coloured Pansy Balls comes in 3 types: yellow, pink and burgundy; yellow, red and blue, and; yellow, red, blue, pink and white. The actual basket is approx. 12 inches in diameter and has pansies flowing out in mostly every direction.

Please note: This product is hand planted to order and we need to allow time for them to set before packing.

Generally we say allow up to five working days for dispatch on our foamed items, although we will endeavour to send as quickly as we can. Occasionally we may have certain ones planted all ready to go – so if this timescale would cause you a problem please advise/contact us!


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