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Artificial Tree Christmas Alpine Deluxe

Alpine Deluxe 700 tips

Product Information

  • Brand: Homegear
  • Model Number: F2DFAD77-2CE3-4A25-83E9-51C7A9322650
  • Height: 6 feet (180cm). Width: 3.25 feet (99cm).
  • Tips: 700. Weight: 4.38 kg
  • Homegear’s exclusive distributors in the UK are The Sports HQ – don’t buy from any other sellers, or you won’t get Homegear quality!
  • Colour: Green
  • Plastic Feet stand. Decorations not included in the sale


Homegear’s Christmas Traditional Artificial Tree

Illuminate the Christmas mood at your cozy residence by bringing home Homegear’s Alpine Deluxe Christmas Tree. Traditional design with a realistic green color. Fit perfectly for your home. This Christmas tree very adeptly creates a visual representation of a natural tree that you desire.

Perfect size for your home

Coming in at 6 feet tall, a sturdy stand is included and this tree comes in a wrapped style and is therefore really easy for you to put together. Fit perfectly for your home and interior. All the tree requires you to do is straighten out the branches and it will be ready for you. Add with truly beautiful and decorative Christmas’ lights. Ready to carry out its duty of bringing that Christmas feeling to your home.

A cost savings option for your holiday

You can use the tree again year after year. This type of product will work out cheaper in the long run. Also easy to pack away so you can simply use it again next Christmas and the next. Check out our full selection and find your perfect version. A traditional Christmas trees in a realistic color. Trees that fit perfectly for your home. Give your festive celebrations a traditional feel with this indoor Christmas tree.

The Evergreen

In the tallest mountain ranges of the world flourish the most beautiful trees. These unique evergreens thrive in the extreme climate and harshest elevated terrain. This evergreen tree brings tradition and class to your home decorations on the holiday season. This will look nice and decorative in your home.

The Homegear Aspen Deluxe Christmas Tree

Comes with a huge number of points. The branches of the tree with their 700 tips look very natural and also bushy. A superb choice for all that festive cheer at a outstanding value for money price. If you’re on a shoestring budget this year but still want that Yuletide feel, then this is the artificial tree to go for.

Artificial Tree Christmas Alpine DeluxeThis Homegear ‘s artificial christmas trees will make you forget that you ever spent so much money buying a real tree every year. In addition to the money-saving benefit, it will look stunning in your home this holiday season.

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