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Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase Oriental Style

Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase Oriental Style frontCerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase Oriental Style

  • Brand by Homescapes
  • Colour: pink/deep pink
  • Stunning oriental style artificial flowers, cerise coloured large orchid in black oval bowl – 79 cm tall.
  • Diameter of the vase/bowl is 25 cm (all measurements are approximate)
  • Each vase/bowl contains 5 stems with approx. 8 silk flowers in cerise colour, leaves and tendrils and a faux soil finish.
  • This timeless orchid will make a perfect gift for many of your occassions. It also looks great on coffee or dining tables and is beautifully ideal for darker spots, where real flowers would wither quickly.
  • High quality, real looking cerise orchid artificial flowers in vase oriental style to be used for all-season home or office decoration. Surely no watering or maintenance needed!
  • Simply just remove dust with a damp cloth. Eco-friendly, versatile and re-usable make this product a great alternative to real plants or flowers.
  • Homescapes, as always, offers a wide range of artificial plants and flowers complimenting its high quality hard wood furnitures. All of the flowers and plants are made perfect for bringing instant life and mood to your home and bring a stunning new look to your interiors!

Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase

Product Description

Homescapes has carefully selected a range of artificial floral arrangements for home to complement their high quality furniture. These artificial flowers are so lifelike, nearly natural plants that it’s difficult to tell the difference.

Homescapes replica plants are naturally beautiful with stunning silk flowers, lively leaves and natural wood trunks. The bamboo trees have real bamboo stems and all other plants or trees have natural trunks. All replica plants and flowers from Homescapes make perfect gifts or all-season home and office decoration.

These artificial house plants do not need much of your maintenance, but the following points will make you even more prepared for enjoying your green and comfy interiors more. After carefully removing the plant the outer packaging, it should be placed away from direct sunlight to avoid fading of leaves.

Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in bowl Oriental Style botomThese Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase Oriental Style will only require a minimum tweaking and you can give a little touch of adjustments to the leaves in any position you fancy.

To clean the dust, simply wipe using a damp cloth. For smaller plants needing cleaning can be submerged in lukewarm water with a little washing up liquid. It will only need to be rinsed with clear water and make sure that the plant does not stay in water for long. A quick dip should suffice.

In the true tradition of Homescapes, they always sell only quality products for you and this is yet another addition to their pursuit of your beautiful interiors.

Cerise Orchid artificial flowers in vase Oriental Style side

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