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Homescapes Green Ficus Tree Artificial Plant

Homescapes Green Ficus Tree Artificial Plant Product Information

Brand       : Homescapes

Model no : FL60354

Colour      : Green

Material   : Plastic

  • 122 cm or about 4 feet (48 inches) tall Ficus tree replica with very high leaf count, real wood trunk stems and twines plus with silky feel flowers.
  • The appearance is very lifelike natural stem or trunk with silk flowers and realistic leaves. The materials used, colorings and design, make this artificial plant a high quality replica plant. Manufactured with the latest technology which makes it look very real and difficult to tell apart from the real ones.
  • Evergreen hassle-free, no restriction and ready grown make this an excellent alternative to growing and maintaining a real plant. Best for artificial indoor plant but also good option for hassle-free outdoor plant.
  • Plants compliment from Homescapes hard wood furniture range and are great for bringing an instant life to your home’s interiors.

01 Homescapes Green Ficus Tree Artificial Plant close up leaf

Product Description

Homescapes as the brand owner, has carefully selected a range of artificial house plants to complement their high quality hard wood furniture.

These decorative artificial indoor trees are so lifelike that it’s difficult to tell the difference. Homescapes Green Ficus Tree Artificial Plant are naturally beautiful with stunning silky feel flowers, lively leaves and natural wood trunks.

In case for other products such as the bamboo trees, they have real bamboo stems and all other plants or trees have natural trunks.

These artificial plants come with not much need for maintenance, but the following points will make you more prepared and have the best result for enjoying your green interiors more:

  • After carefully removing the outer packaging, the plant need to be placed away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of leaves. These plants will require a minimum tweaking and the leaves can be shaped in any position you desire.
  • To clean the dust, you can simply just need to wipe with a damp cloth.
  • For smaller plants needing for cleaning can be submerged in lukewarm water with a little washing up liquid.
  • If rinse is needed, use clear water and make sure that the plant does not stay in water for long. A quick dip should suffice.

In the true tradition of Homescapes, they sell only quality products and this is yet another addition to their pursuit of your beautiful home interiors.


01 Homescapes Green Ficus Tree Artificial Plant size comparison

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About The Manufacturer

Homescapes manufactures imports and distributes quality home furnishings. We are a British company having our own manufacturing unit in India along with a series of associate manufacturers. We also have a joint venture in China. A vast majority of the products selling on this website are either manufactured by Homescapes or their associate manufacturers.

Homescapes is in the business of home furnishings for the last two decades supplying to the retail groups, hotel chains and major importer distributors. At Amazon, Homescapes products are being sold direct to public and this offers a truly wonderful opportunity for buying top quality products at amazingly attractive prices.

All Homescapes products are manufactured to the same exacting standards and conditions as the best department stores in the UK. You might have already enjoyed a Homescapes pillow, duvet or a feather bed in a seven star hotel or might have bought Homescapes manufactured hardwood furniture from your favourite department store.

The philosophy of Homescapes rests on QUALITY; we only deal in quality products and believe in quality of service and relationship. We are certain that this experience of  buying a Homescapes product will be a happy and satisfying experience. If you are a retailer, a hotel/ nursing home, an interior decorator or a property developing business, then please contact us for a volume discount. – Homescape Store Front at

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