Is Aloe Vera Good For You?

To answer the question of “is Aloe Vera good for you”, we better get to know this plant. First, we can at least have some introduction of knowledge about the plant.

As a houseplant, Aloe Vera are often categorized as an easy-to-grow plant. Which is good, especially for beginners or busy home owners. Aloe Vera is well recognized for its decorative purposes and grows successfully as indoors potted plant.

Aloes also help with producing good air in your home. And, they are beautiful, not too large in size. Which makes them one of the most common houseplant that are used to decorate home spaces. And with their moderate size, they can be placed almost everywhere in the house. With one condition, they need good exposure to sun light.

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More than just a houseplant?

Many people are using Aloe Vera for the skin. If you want to test for any allergies, you can test it by applying to the skin and wait for about 24 hours to see how its effect. Many skin care products seem to have Aloe Vera as their main ingredients.

A gel from a fresh cut of Aloe Vera’s leaf has this cool and moistened feels to the skin. Just in case you might want to try it too. Some people using this fresh gel as a face masker treatment. They believe it has a moistened and refreshing effects to their skin.

Aloe Vera is widely cultivated for medicinal uses with many benefits. Most people all over the world are using it. Aloes are believed to have substances that have health benefits. It is found in many consumer products including beverages, cosmetics or ointments for skin health.

But many said also that these benefits require further research. Although this doesn’t mean that the benefits are inaccurate. However until now it seems that there are no report of any negative or dangerous effect of Aloe Vera.

Is Aloe Vera good for you?

For the health benefits from the plant, this question is actually still leaves us questioning as many authorities suggest more research. It can be said that most people are using the plant based on believe as a start. And then probably they experience good result from using it.

So far, I believe we never heard any immediate negative effect by using Aloe Vera for medicinal uses. What we don’t know is for the longer term. Is there any long term negative effect from the substances of Aloe Vera?

But, so far Aloe Vera often described as “wonder plant”. And according to the study published by ‘Indian Journal of Dermatology’, people of ancient Egypt called Aloe Vera as “that plant of immortality” (quoted from