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Parlour Palm Tree

Parlour Palm Artificial TreeOr Parlor palm has a reputation as one of the most sought after indoor palm trees nowadays. It has reasons why the Parlour palm tree has developed such a reputation. Although Parlour palm has kept hold of its popularity and prestige since Victorian times.

Many said that it is one of the cheapest palms that grows well in our homes or workplaces where other plants may struggle. One of the reasons is because it has an adaptive nature to low lights and also level of humidity.

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Parlour Palm Artificial Tree creates an immediate compact impression to its surrounding area. With almost bushy, and full appearance of a palm tree, Parlour palm will spread freshness looking to your place. Many interior designers love them, too. It will make a super addition to any space, outdoor and especially indoor. Perfect for lobbies of offices, hotels and banks, or any space that you may have in mind.

Presented with relatively moderate size to any area or room space, it is an excellent addition to your decor. Parlour palm will present you with a tropical feeling. Its color, the shape of leafs that are thin, small, feather leaf variety.

Which corner of your house will you place one or more of these tropical beauties?

Parlour Palm Artificial Tree

Parlour Palm TreeAre specially produced using the best quality materials in combination with latest technologies to achieve best quality artificial plants and trees for your home.

Product Informations

  • Our trees are produced using the finest materials. Note: Please be aware these trees are supplied in a small starter pot as shown in picture 1.
  • They measure 90cm (3ft) from the bottom of the Starter Pot to the top of the tree. All sizes are approximate.
  • UK SELLER. Sameday dispatch From Best Artificial if ordered before 2.00pm. Produced and Sold Exclusively by Best Artificial(TM)
  • Our trees are professional quality. Some simple arrangement required. Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use.
  • BEWARE of cheap imitations which will fade after a short while. Note: When outside must to be located in well ventilated sheltered area and allowed to dry out should it get wet.

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